Paperback, Cover, and Additions to the Book

So I decided to try out Createspace, because they don't have a starting fee and it seems like they're much faster at getting books out there to be bought than Ingram Spark is. I also made a shiny new cover. I will make another post once the paperback is available with a link. Also, I… Continue reading Paperback, Cover, and Additions to the Book

The Old Ones, Chapter One Excerpt

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD There's some stuff in here that might give away some things that happened at the end of The Triplets. Keep in mind that this hasn't been edited yet: I think it looks pretty good right now, but I might change some things before it gets published in an actual book. Anna opens… Continue reading The Old Ones, Chapter One Excerpt

People of Sarenia: They Were Friends, Once

(This is a flash piece from another book I'm working on, which will be called People of Sarenia) They were friends, once. He remembers the way the sun struck over the hills as they ran through the knee-high grass, laughing, wooden swords aloft and pint-sized capes billowing out behind them. The other boy was two… Continue reading People of Sarenia: They Were Friends, Once