Keep it Simple

This is a post about sentence structure and wordiness. Which is something that I struggle with sometimes. I am of the firm belief that a book that's easier to read is of higher quality than a book that's hard to read. It is easy to write things that are hard to read. This is why… Continue reading Keep it Simple


NookPress Sucks (and so does iBooks)

Here is a list of problems with NookPress: They told me my bank information didn't match my tax information, when I know for a fact that they DID match (and it's worked just fine through Amazon, they've even deposited money into my account with no issues whatsoever and all my information is exactly the same… Continue reading NookPress Sucks (and so does iBooks)

Just what exactly is a Mary Sue?

If you've been writing and doing research on character creation, you've probably heard of the dreaded Mary Sue.* But in case you haven't, a Mary Sue someone who: Is so incredibly beautiful that everyone and everything falls in love with her at first sight Is so trustworthy that even the most standoffish person with major… Continue reading Just what exactly is a Mary Sue?

How to Describe Your Character’s Appearance

What to Describe I have a very clear picture of what certain characters are supposed to look like in my head: but these pictures only contain certain traits. For example, I know that Sarah is tall and dark-skinned with straight black hair, but I have no idea what shape her chin is or how large… Continue reading How to Describe Your Character’s Appearance