Quick Update

Hi everyone! Summer is awful and I hate it! It's too hot out, there's too much traffic and too many people out and about. I want winter back so I can play in the snow. Anyway, I'm still working diligently on book 2. And um…the outline's finished? I'm still dithering around with the bits of… Continue reading Quick Update


Book Blitz

So I told you guys a while back that I was planning on doing a Book Blitz with YA Bound Book Tours, and that's coming up soon! Next week, in fact: June 11-15! So if any of you have a book blog/any kind of blog really and want to join in the fun, here's the… Continue reading Book Blitz

Paperback, Cover, and Additions to the Book

So I decided to try out Createspace, because they don't have a starting fee and it seems like they're much faster at getting books out there to be bought than Ingram Spark is. I also made a shiny new cover. I will make another post once the paperback is available with a link. Also, I… Continue reading Paperback, Cover, and Additions to the Book