Some Updates

BICA is having another sale; I most likely won't be there, but I might be. My books will be for sale at the event regardless. Here's the event link on Facebook I will definitely, however, be going to Comic Con in Colorado Springs in August with a couple of other fantasy authors! It's the 23rd-25th… Continue reading Some Updates


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (if you live in the US. Otherwise I hope you had a good non-holiday day)! Oh geez, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here. About book 2:I am ALMOST done with the first draft, which is probably what’s going to take me the longest. My… Continue reading HAPPY TURKEY DAY

Paperback, Cover, and Additions to the Book

So I decided to try out Createspace, because they don't have a starting fee and it seems like they're much faster at getting books out there to be bought than Ingram Spark is. I also made a shiny new cover. I will make another post once the paperback is available with a link. Also, I… Continue reading Paperback, Cover, and Additions to the Book