First official public appearance! (and other news)

First of all I’d like to apologize for my seriously spotty blog updates of late. Here is my excuse: I’ve been on a roll lately with my work on the second book, and so when I sit down and tell myself that I need to work, that is what I have the most motivation to… Continue reading First official public appearance! (and other news)


Author Groups, Blog Tours, and Twitter

Author Groups So I am definitely more of a lone wolf when it comes to writing. I like to do things my own way, I like to edit my own work, and, for the most part, I like to use only my own ideas. I've tried to work with people before, and it's never quite… Continue reading Author Groups, Blog Tours, and Twitter

Events That Should be in the Winter Olympics

Hide and seek Team skiing (in which they all hold hands while they go down the hill) Cross-country snowboarding Figure skating relays Snowshoe races NASCAR on ice Snow biking Saucer sledding super slalom Saucer flying (saucer sled jumping) Tubing Snowball fights Ice fishing Reindeer riding Synchronized ski jumping Halfpipe relays (in which they must hand… Continue reading Events That Should be in the Winter Olympics

NookPress Sucks (and so does iBooks)

Here is a list of problems with NookPress: They told me my bank information didn't match my tax information, when I know for a fact that they DID match (and it's worked just fine through Amazon, they've even deposited money into my account with no issues whatsoever and all my information is exactly the same… Continue reading NookPress Sucks (and so does iBooks)