Quick Update

Hi everyone!
Summer is awful and I hate it! It’s too hot out, there’s too much traffic and too many people out and about. I want winter back so I can play in the snow.

Anyway, I’m still working diligently on book 2. And um…the outline’s finished? I’m still dithering around with the bits of the first draft I have written, BUT hopefully this book will be finished and ready to publish by March next year. Fingers crossed.
Also I’ve started planning another book (a prequel–because no, I do not have enough books planned for this universe) about a certain compulsive liar whose backstory, it turns out, is full of suspense, intrigue, espionage, and most of all teleportation. This one will be set mostly in Gorthrofen, which is fairly isolated from the rest of it’s world and leaps and bounds ahead of Sarenia technology-wise. This is all I’m going to reveal because anything more might get spoilery. I will try to keep myself from working too hard on this one until the Six Sorcerers trilogy is finished.

Also Boulder County Indie Authors will be at the Firefly Market on Pearl Street in September. So I’ll be there selling and signing at some point that weekend if you want to meet me or get your book signed. I will post more about that as we get closer to the date.


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