More BICA Sales and Website Update

Another BICA Sale

I won’t be at this one, but my book will still be available, and still at a discount. And there will also be several other books by other fabulous authors. It’ll be at a different location this time, though, so don’t show up at the Ozo on Pearl Street expecting to buy a book. Go to the Ozo on South Hover Road in Longmont instead.

Also, if you can’t make it to this one, we’re going to do another sale on May 19th at the Arvada Center Book Fest. I’ll share more info on that in a few weeks.


So I decided I need my own website, with my own domain. I purchased a hosting plan from Ultra Web Hosting, literally minutes ago, so it isn’t quite set up yet.

But I made most of it on, and I plan to have it transferred over once my domain is ready. Currently it’s at if you want to check it out (not all of the links work, because I’m not completely finished building the whole site). Once I get everything set up, it’ll be moved to

So far I like the Weebly editor: I can make it look a lot fancier there than the WordPress sites because it lets me customize the html.

This blog will still exist here on WordPress, I have no plans to move it. But the WordPress site will be JUST a blog once the other one is finished (though I am thinking of changing the web address to something like just so it matches the website).


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