First official public appearance! (and other news)

First of all I’d like to apologize for my seriously spotty blog updates of late.
Here is my excuse:
I’ve been on a roll lately with my work on the second book, and so when I sit down and tell myself that I need to work, that is what I have the most motivation to do.
However, I have also gotten some other things done:

Blog Tour

So I’ve decided to try and sign up for a Review Query and Book Blitz with YA Bound, which isn’t actually a blog tour, but comes pretty close. The big difference is that there’s no time limit for review queries, so the reviews will get there when they get there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get some good ones.

Freelance Editing, Proofreading, Interior Formatting and Covers

I’m going to attempt to start a business doing freelance copy-editing, proofreading, interior formatting, and covers.
I figured that since I had to do all of these things for my own book, I know how to do them and what to expect.
I’ve also edited plenty of work for my peers in college, either through my writing classes, group projects that involved writing, or just because people asked me to look over stuff for them before they turned it in. I also took several art classes in high school and I come from a family of artists, which is why I’m going to be offering to make covers.


So I’m doing a sale with Boulder County Indie Authors on April 14th at Ozo Coffee (1015 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO).

Here’s the event on Facebook
And here’s our events page

I will be there from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. on April 14th, but my book will be there both days and all times. And they will available at a discount. And I will sign them for you if you show up while I’m there.
Even if you haven’t read my book or aren’t interested in my genre, you should go if you live in the area. There are some other great authors who will be selling there as well!


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