Goodreads Ads Part 4

So I’ve finally settled on a description and title for my ads:

The Triplets: YA Epic Fantasy
The King is hunting sorcerers in Sarenia. Only six teenagers from another world can stop him. But it’s not their fight, so why should they?

These have gotten around 0.04% CTR (which is pretty close to what’s supposed to be average), at around 15 clicks per ~40,000 views. All three ads (the ad, the ad, and the goodreads ad) targeting genres have gotten clicks, and the books2read ad got the most. I’m wondering if that might be because most people don’t know what books2read is and click on the ad because they want to find out. The goodreads ad has gotten a fair number of clicks too, though. But all three ads targeting authors have only gotten 1 click total so far (on the goodreads ad).

Interestingly, all of the clicks came on Wednesdays and Thursdays (except for one outlier on a Monday). It would be interesting to know if there’s more traffic on goodreads on Wednesdays and Thursdays or if people are just more inclined to click ads on those days (or if that’s just my ads, or if it’s a fluke).

And, in case anyone was wondering, as far as clicks per views goes, this ad got second place:

The Triplets: YA Epic Fantasy
Six kids find themselves in the fantastical and dangerous land of Sarenia. While they search for answers, an old conflict is rekindled…

This one got third place:

The Triplets (Six Sorcerers Book 1)
Sorcerers, knights, pirates, dragons, and dangerous mythical creatures abound in Sarenia. Will six kids from our world be able to survive?

And this one got last:

The Triplets (Six Sorcerers Book 1)
The fate of Sarenia rests on the shoulders of six teenage sorcerers.


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