Bookmarks and Goodreads Ads Part 3

Really quick before I say anything else: I finished the first draft of Part One of the Old Ones! It’s eight chapters long (at the moment) and will most likely make up 1/5 of the whole book. If I keep working at this rate, the Old Ones should be out by the end of the year!


So I designed and ordered some bookmarks from Overnight Prints and they came out pretty good:

They’re 2×6 inches and they were pretty cheap. I’m planning on carrying them around with me everywhere and handing them out to people who I know or who ask about my book, so I don’t have to write the info down on scraps of paper or assume that they’ll memorize the title and my name when I tell them.

As for ads:

I’ve been changing them once a week so I can figure out what description works the best.

The ads with this description

The Triplets (Six Sorcerers Book 1)
The fate of Sarenia rests on the shoulders of six teenage sorcerers.

Got 0 clicks and around 8000 views.

The ads with this description

The Triplets (Six Sorcerers Book 1)
Sorcerers, knights, pirates, dragons, and dangerous mythical creatures abound in Sarenia. Will six kids from our world be able to survive?

Got 3 clicks and around 17000 views. I sold 1 book through Createspace the week that I ran this ad.
Also it’s worth noting that Goodreads started showing this ad to a LOT more people after it got its’ first click. It was getting around four times as many views per day as the other ads.

And this is the one I’ve just submitted that’s waiting for approval:

The Triplets: a YA Epic Fantasy
Six kids find themselves in the fantastical and dangerous land of Sarenia. While they search for answers, an old conflict is rekindled…

It is seriously difficult to write a compelling description of a book with only 140 characters, but I think I might be getting a little bit better at it. If you’re trying to write book ads and you need some examples, these are all of (or at least some of) the ads currently running on Goodreads: Sponsored Ads. It doesn’t say how well they’re doing or how many clicks they’re getting, but if you’re like me and you learn best by example it still helps.

I’ve been creeping around on forums and things to see if people think Goodreads ads are effective, and lots of people say they are and lots of other people say they aren’t. I will continue to post updates about mine, probably every two or three weeks.


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