Goodreads Ads and Draft2Digital

So I decided to run an ad campaign through Goodreads, and this is what the deal is with that:
I add a certain amount of credit (usually $50-$100, I did $50 to start), and every time someone clicks on one of my ads, I spend some of that credit. If no one clicks on the ads, I don’t spend anything. It’s $0.10-$300.00 per click, but the average is $0.50 and I decided to do $0.30. The more you spend per click, the more your ad gets featured and the more people see it. You pick an image (usually the book’s cover), a description under 140 characters, a title, and genre(s) or author(s) to target. If you target some specific genres, people who read in those genres will see your ad. If you pick an author, people who read books by that author will see your ads.
Today, I ran three ads: one with the Draft2Digital link, one with the Amazon link, and the last with the Goodreads link. Here are the two titles I used:

The Triplets: $2.99 eBook

The Triplets (Six Sorcerers Book 1)

And the description:

Sorcerers, knights, pirates, dragons, and dangerous mythical creatures abound in Sarenia. Will six kids from our world be able to survive?

Around 700 people saw one of these ads, but as of now, no one clicked on any. That tells me I need to change something. I’m going to try a different description, change up some of the genre targeting, and see if that helps or not. I will report back.

Draft2Digital seems pretty awesome, actually. I haven’t sold anything on there yet, but I signed up a week ago and look at all the stores my ebook is for sale at now. I tried to sell directly through NookPress and got nowhere in two weeks, and Draft2Digital got it published there in two days. Plus it’s easy to find stuff on the website, the submission guidelines are simple and easy to understand, and they’re pretty fast about getting things done. I definitely think Draft2Digital is going to be worth it.


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